Self-portrait at Night

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Michael Trupiano is a photographer and print maker living and working in Denver, Colorado.  Like many, he became hooked on photography after meeting Ansel Adams and seeing a retrospective of his work in San Francisco in 1980; he spent the next twenty plus years trying to figure out why his images did not look like Adams'.  At the same time he made a successful career in Silicon Valley.  He continues to combine his love of art and science in the pursuit of his art.  

About the Work

As his art evolved from purely representational to more thematic work he began exploring in-camera movements, multiple and long exposures, pin-hole, zone-plate, and photo-montage; basically any tool available to realize his vision.  Michael is interested in how light, both manmade, sunlight, and moonlight -- individually or in combination -- change the nature of the object being photographed.  He is also interested in how our memory of a place effects our feelings about his images.  As a result his images evoke a feeling of both something known and something unfamiliar.  More and more the objects are reduced to not what they are but how they affect the light around them.  And as a result how we perceive the world around us.

The work is not complete until a master print is created.  While viewing images on line represent that overwhelming majority of how images are consumed today Michael feels strongly in the physical print either through a book, a portfolio, or framed on a wall.  In order to complete the work started in camera through post-production Michael now works in carbon-based pigment ink printing, platinum / palladium, and polymer gravure.  See the Prints link above to learn more about this process and how to purchase prints.

Group Exhibitions

2019, “Light Sensitive”, Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, Arizona; Christopher James juror

2016, "Manus et Pedibus", Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, Vermont; Tim Booth juror

2015, "Center Forward 2015", The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado; Hamidah Glasgow juror

2015 "Black and White", The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado; Roy L. Flukinger juror

2014 "Light Sensitive", Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, Arizona; Tom Persinger juror

2014 "Black and White", New Mexico Art League, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2013 "Luminous Light:  Radiant and Sublime", Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon; Tom Johnson juror

2013 "Light Sensitive", Art Intersection Gallery, Gilbert, Arizona; Katherine Ware juror

2013 "Snow and Ice", 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2009 "The Sweet Hereafter", The Rift Gallery, Rinconada, New Mexico

2008 "Darkness, Darkness", Three Columns Gallery, Harvard University Campus, Cambridge, Massachusetts


2016, Lemniscate of Diffusion, Volume VIII, 2016; edited by Blue Mitchell; published by one twelve publishing